The Left Sidebar Menu provides:

  • access to Setup and Setpoint controls
  • Recipe status visualization and execution control
  • access to the Settings menu
Top Left Sidebar Menu Toggles and Buttons
Setup Menu Toggle Menu Hide or reveal the Setup Menu, which includes controls and configurations for Devices, Containers, Connections, and Inserts.
Setpoint Menu Toggle Menu Hide or reveal the Setpoint Menu, which includes Setpoints and Device and User Recordables.
PID Controller Menu Toggle Menu Hide or reveal the PID Controller Menu.
Recipe Status Indicator Menu The Recipe Status Indicator displays the current state of a Recipe. Clicking the icon reveals a menu to Kill or Kill and Requeue the active Recipe or load a different Recipe from the Hub.
Start/Resume Recipe Button Menu The play button is used to start a queued Recipe or resume an already active Recipe from a paused or e-stopped state.
Pause Recipe Button Menu The pause button is used to pause a running Recipe. Pausing a Recipe does not affect the status of any devices but stops the recipe Python process, so any additional recipe logic will not be executed until the Recipe is resumed.
E-Stop Recipe Button Menu The stop button is used to emergency stop a running Recipe. Emergency stopping a Recipe will stop all active Devices and stop the recipe Python process. Again, no additional recipe logic will be executed until the Recipe is resumed. Read more about Pausing vs. E-Stopping here.
Input/Prompt Indicator and Prompt Menu The triangular notification button signifies that a User Input, User Prompt, or Emergency Stop Resume message is available. Click the indicator to toggle the message.
Bottom Left Sidebar Menu Toggles and Buttons
Mode Indicator Menu The rectangular S or L badge indicates the current Mode (S for Simulation, L for Lab) that you are operating in. See more about Simulation Mode and Lab Mode here.
Settings Button Menu The gear icon toggles the Settings menu, which provides access to various actions including changing the environment Mode, changing the Tab display setting, and loading a Layout.
Logout Menu The cya button allows a user to log out of the application.