Pressure Transducer

Pressure Transducer

Recorded Data

The Pressure Transducer captures the following recorded data during operation:

  • torr: The pressure reading from the transducer in units of torr. This field provides real-time pressure information.

Python API

The Pressure Transducer can be controlled and accessed using the Python API provided by the manufacturer. The Python code for interacting with the Pressure Transducer can be found in the aqueduct-py repository.

"""Pressure Transducer Example Script

This script demonstrates the usage of the `PressureTransducer` device from the
Aqueduct library. It connects to an Aqueduct instance,
initializes the system, and performs operations on the pressure transducer device.
import time

from import Aqueduct
from import InitParams
from aqueduct.core.units import PressureUnits
from aqueduct.devices.pressure import PressureTransducer

# Parse the initialization parameters from the command line
params = InitParams.parse()

# Initialize the Aqueduct instance with the provided parameters
aq = Aqueduct(params.user_id, params.ip_address, params.port)

# Perform system initialization if specified

# Set the command delay for the Aqueduct instance

# Get the pressure transducer device from the Aqueduct instance
pressure_transducer: PressureTransducer = aq.devices.get("pressure_transducer_000001")

pressure_transducer.set_sim_roc((1,), units=PressureUnits.PSI)

# Continuously perform operations on the pressure transducer device
while True:
    # Get and print the pressure reading from the pressure transducer device
    pressure_value = pressure_transducer.torr
    print(f"Pressure: {pressure_value}")

    # Pause for 5 seconds

Supported Hardware

  • with the Aqueduct 4 x RS232 device node, supports communication with up to 12 Parker SciLog SciPres transducers via RS232 connectivity