Pressure Transducers

Serial Port - Parker SciLog® SciPres® DB9 Connections

mio_ports db9_female-01

Aqueduct Comm PinSignalSciLog® SciPres® RS232 Female Receptacle DB9 Pin
3Rs485 A/Rs232 Tx3
4Rs485 B/Rs232 Rx2

ManufacturerPart DescriptionPart NumberQuantity
Phoenix ContactSensor/actuator cable, 3-position14063181
Cinch Connectivity9 Position Two Piece Backshell Connector40-9709HMG1
TE Connectivity AMP Connectors9 Position D-Sub Plug, Male Pins5-747904-21

Conductor NumberConductor ColorD-Sub Plug DB9 Pin
1Brown (🟤)5
3Blue (🔵)3
4Black (⚫)2

Note: Connect to the Female DB9 port labelled "Printer/PC".

Further information in the Parker SciLog® SciPres® manual here.

See instructions for configuring the balance here.