These pages contain a collection of real-world applications that utilize the capabilities of the Aqueduct system.

Each application consists of a complete package, including libraries, recipes, setups, layouts, and other resources that are tailored to the specific application's requirements. These applications serve as practical examples that demonstrate how the Aqueduct system can be applied in different contexts.

In addition to the software components, we include a real-world success story from each implementation. Photos of actual systems are included, showcasing the hardware setups and the integration with the Aqueduct system.

If you're interested in pursuing the implementation of one of these applications or would like to pursue a new application, please reach out to us at

Filtration Application

The Filtration Application is a solution designed for automated tangential flow filtration processes. It offers:

  • Automated Control: The application provides automated control of the feed pump, permeate pump, and optional buffer pump.

  • Data Collection: Inline pressure transducers and balances are integrated into the system to enable real-time data collection. The application records the weight of buffer, feed, and permeate volumes, allowing for accurate monitoring and analysis of the filtration process.

  • Transmembrane Pressure Control: The application includes control algorithms that adjust the inline pinch valve to regulate the transmembrane pressure. The control algorithm can be modified based on the specific phase of the filtration process, ensuring optimal filtration conditions and improved performance.

  • Buffer Pump Control: To maintain a constant volume on the feed balance, the application provides control for the buffer pump rate. This control mechanism ensures consistent buffer solution levels, contributing to stable and efficient filtration operations.

  • Interactive Data Plotting and System Visualization: The Filtration Application offers interactive data plotting and system visualization tools.

  • Complete Logging: The application provides comprehensive logging capabilities, recording all relevant parameters and events throughout the filtration process.

pH Control Application

The pH Control Application utilizes peristaltic pumps and pH probes to automate pH control. It enables accurate and efficient regulation of pH in parallel reactions by adding a base. Key features of the pH Control Application include:

  • Complete package with libraries, recipes, setups, layouts, and other resources tailored for pH control.
  • Developed for the methacrylation of hyaluronic acid (HA) reaction, emphasizing precise pH regulation.
  • Simulation capability to validate control algorithms and optimize performance.
  • Two control algorithms: Smart Dose Addition (On/Off) and PID Control.

Dispensing and Formulation Application

The Dispensing and Formulation Application showcases control of syringe pumps in dispensing and formulation processes. Key features of this application include:

  • Control of 12 syringe pumps operated in pairs or stations for versatile dispensing capabilities.
  • Programming of dispense times and rates to vary the rate of reactant addition to the vessel over time.
  • Support for various syringe sizes and pump types, including the actuation of a rotary valve for multiple input reagents.
  • Dedicated waste output for syringe purging and an output to the reaction vessel.
  • Ability to add timed delays in dispensing before or during the reaction.
  • Calculation of cumulative volume dispensed for each station, with the option to plot it as a time series using an Aqueduct Recordable.