Aqueduct Fluidics

Aqueduct Fluidics makes automation more accessible for benchtop-scale applications in research and development and in small scale production.

Our platform empowers users to conceive, design, simulate, and deploy complex systems with confidence.

The platform simplifies system integration by handling challenging elements such as communication and command timing, user interfaces, and data persistence. Users can focus on their specific protocols while the platform takes care of the underlying complexities.

Key Benefits:

  • Simple, Flexible Scripting

    Aqueduct Recipes are written in Python (3.7+), the widely adopted scripting language. Leveraging the power of Python's standard library and the Aqueduct API, users can easily program processes without sacrificing the flexibility required for their specific applications.

  • Built-In System and Data Visualization

    The Aqueduct interface provides an intuitive and flexible environment for controlling and visualizing the status of your hardware. It features an icon-based representation of the hardware, live plotting and graphing utilities, and programmable user interactions. The interface can be customized to suit individual preferences and application requirements.

  • Simulation of Processes without Hardware

    The Aqueduct platform offers simulation-only representations of each type of hardware component. These emulated devices faithfully mimic the behavior of real hardware, allowing users to develop and test Recipes without the need for physical lab equipment. Additionally, users can simulate noise or time-dependency in signals to accurately model their processes and control algorithms.

  • Ecosystem of Application Use Cases and Code Blocks for Rapid Development

    Our platform provides an ecosystem of pre-existing, application-specific Libraries and Recipes that can be utilized off-the-shelf or customized to suit individual needs. Alternatively, users can leverage our collection of code snippets and templates to build their solutions from scratch, minimizing development time.