Dispensing & Formulation


A leading specialty chemical company engaged Aqueduct to implement programmable control of 12 syringe pumps for timed dispensing in a synthesis screening study. The implementation including full priming, purging, and reloading logic to allow for syringes of various sizes to be used to target different dispense rate ranges.

Key Features:

  1. Simulation-Based Process Refinement:

    • Calculation of cumulative volume dispensed for each station, with the option to plot it as a time series using an Aqueduct Recordable.
  2. Hardware Integration:

    • Control of 12 TriContinent C-Series syringe pumps using the CanBus interface.


The delivered Dispensing system was comprised of a control enclosure with a custom circuit board and cable harness to allow for daisy chaining 12 pumps.


Try It Out

To run the dispensing recipe locally in simulation mode:

  1. Install the Aqueduct application.

  2. Download the Aqueduct examples repository and extract the compressed archive.

  3. Navigate to the Library page and upload the /apps/dispensing/dispensing directory from the extracted archive.

  4. Navigate to the Dashboard page and upload the necessary .recipe, .setup, and .layout files found in the /apps/dispensing/models directory.

  5. Activate the CoDispense recipe from your Dashboard and navigate to the Sandbox to view the simulated process.