Quick Start to the Aqueduct User Interface

The Aqueduct User Interface is a digital playground where you can configure your equipment, visualize and interact with your process or protocol, script and save recipes, and control the execution of your recipes.

Features of the Aqueduct User Interface

  • Setup Configuration: Build your setup by selecting and configuring devices, containers, and connections from the Aqueduct library. This allows you to customize your equipment setup according to your experimental requirements.

  • Simulated and Laboratory Environments: Visualize and interact with your process or protocol in both simulated and laboratory environments. The simulated environment allows you to test and validate your setup and recipe before running experiments in the actual laboratory.

  • Recipe Management: Create and save recipes that automate your process. Recipes are scripts that define the sequence of actions, such as controlling device operations and managing container contents. This allows you to easily reproduce your experimental procedures.

  • Control and Execution: Control the execution of your active recipe. Start, pause, resume, and stop the execution of your recipe to have fine-grained control over your experimental process.

Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start guide is intended to serve as an introduction to the Aqueduct User Interface by proceeding through the steps required to create a simple Recipe. The Recipe, which will use only a single peristaltic pump and two containers, is not particularly useful, but the process will demonstrate the basics of creating a Setup and scripting a Recipe with the Setup's devices and then familiarize you with the interface's interactions and terminology.

Let's get started...