Managing Settings

The Settings page in the Aqueduct dashboard provides comprehensive control over user and system settings. This page allows you to configure user settings, system settings, view system logs, manage user permissions, and access user logs.

System Settings

System settings provide control over critical aspects of the Aqueduct application. Here, you can perform tasks such as managing application updates, setting the date and time, configuring network interfaces, restarting the application or system, and modifying other system-level parameters. These settings enable you to fine-tune the application to align with your operational needs.

System Logs

The System Logs feature grants access to detailed logs that capture important system events and activities. You can review and analyze these logs to gain insights into the application's behavior, diagnose issues, and track system performance. This helps in troubleshooting, debugging, and ensuring the smooth operation of the Aqueduct application.

User Permissions

The User Permissions functionality allows administrators to manage user access and control permissions within the Aqueduct application. This feature ensures the appropriate level of access and security for different users, granting specific privileges based on their roles and responsibilities. Administrators can assign and revoke permissions, create user groups, and maintain user access control for a secure and streamlined experience.

User Logs

The User Logs section presents a comprehensive log history of user activities within the Aqueduct application. It records events such as login attempts, user settings modifications, system interactions, and other relevant user actions. User logs facilitate auditing, compliance, and accountability, ensuring a transparent and traceable record of user activities.

Please note that the availability and accessibility of settings and features may vary based on your user permissions and the configurations set by the application administrators.