Saving, Clearing, and Reloading

At this point, we've added the Devices and Containers that we need for our demo, arranged them on the Sandbox Widget, and added two Connections. We want to save this configuration as a Setup so we can reuse it later without having to rebuild it.

Before we do that, let's rename our PP Device to something other than the default name peristaltic_pump_000001. Understanding how Device names impact their accessibility in Recipes is important, and we'll address that when we script our Recipe. For now, pick any name you like, then right click on the device menu label to reveal a context menu:

Config > Base

and enter the name.

Once a change has been made, click update all to save your changes.

Now we're ready to save our Setup. The Save Setup menu is accessible from both the Sandbox Widget menu (the ellipsis icon at the top left of the widget) and the context (right click) menu. Use whichever method you wish, then select:

> Save Setup

A form with entries for a Setup Name and Description and a toggle for Public will appear. The Setup Name is the name that will appear in your list of saved Setups, the Description is an entry for adding more detail about the Setup, and the Public toggle controls whether the Setup will be visible to other Users. (This does not mean that it's available via the internet but only that it's available locally.)

After we click Save, we receive a notification indicating that we've successfully saved our new first setup.

Now, let's see how we can reload the Setup. First, we'll clear the Setup - all of our Devices, Containers, and Connections - by using the Sandbox Widget menu or the context menu to select:

> Clear Setup > Confirm

from the Sandbox Widget menu. Our icons will disappear from the Sandbox and the names of our Devices and Containers will be removed from the Setup expansion menus.

When we're ready to use this Setup again, we can reload it to our saved state by using the Sandbox menu to select:

> Load Setup > My Local > test setup > S

Because we own this Setup (we created it), it's displayed in the My Local submenu. We select the S to activate the Setup in Sim Mode. Clicking the S starts the activation procedure and a blue notification appears at the top of the screen with status updates. Upon completion, you should see a success message in the notification and your icons will reappear in the Sandbox.

So, we've successfully saved, cleared, and reloaded our first Setup. Now let's move beyond manual control and write a Recipe script to control the pump automatically.