Interface Circuit Board

The openTFF Interface board includes three specialized Mixed I/O (MIO) interfaces tailored for pump control, four configurable serial communication ports, and an Aqueduct CommBus interface. These interfaces ensure precise control, data communication, and expansion possibilities.


Three Dedicated Mixed I/O Ports for Controlling Pumps

The openTFF system is equipped with three specialized Mixed I/O (MIO) interfaces designed to control pumps (peristaltic, piston, and diaphragm) commonly used in a TFF setup. These MIO interfaces feature:

  1. 4-20 mA Speed Control Channel: This channel transmits a 4-20 mA signal used to control the speed of a pump, ensuring accurate and precise fluid flow rates.

  2. 4-20 mA Tachometer Input Channel: The tachometer input channel is responsible for receiving a 4-20 mA signal from the pump's tachometer. The tachometer measures the rotational speed (or a proxy for flow rate, depending on the model) of a pump. The interface not only monitors the pump's speed but also accumulates real-time data to calculate the total volume of fluid displaced, enabling finite dispense operation.

  3. Digital Inputs and Outputs Channels: Two digital output channels and a digital input channel are used to control the run and direction toggles of the connected pump and monitor the pump's status.

8 pin M12 A-code plug, male pins

1Aux Ground
2Aux +24V🔴
34-20 mA RX🟣Tachometer Input
44-20 mA TX🔵Speed Control
5Running Digital In🟠Run Status
6Run Digital Out🟢Run Toggle
7Direction Digital Out🟢Direction Toggle
8Aux Ground

Four Configurable Serial Interfaces

In addition to the three specialized MIO interfaces, the openTFF system includes four serial communication ports. In conjunction with the Aqueduct software, these ports can be configured to interface with various peripherals commonly used in TFF setups. Among these ports, two can be configured for half-duplex RS485 communication, enhancing compatibility with a wide range of industrial devices.

3 pin M8 A-code plug, male pins

3Rs485 A/Rs232 Tx🟢
4Rs485 B/Rs232 Rx🔵

Aqueduct CommBus Interface

8 pin M12 A-code receptacle, female pins

1Transmit A🔵Master Transmit (Node Receive), A
2+24V🔴24V Power
3+24V🔴24V Power
4Transmit B🔵Master Transmit (Node Receive), B
5Receive A🟢Master Receive (Node Transmit), A
8Receive B🟢Master Receive (Node Transmit), B